About Me.

Nanda Quero

Talented, Passionate, Perfectionist are some adjective that Describe Nanda Quero

Her passion for makeup revealed itself in a very early age, Nanda Began her career as a Fragrance consultant. She couldn’t keep her hands away of the makeup and began offering makeovers to the clients. The results were amazing but it was the way she could improve a person day with the stroke of a brush that made her realize it was her path.

At the early age of 15 Nanda completed her one and only makeup course, opening her eyes to all her possibilities. She created a style of her own, she refused to follow Venezuelan’s patterns of beauty and dared to defy them. Her particular view of makeup paired her with likeminded people and at the age of 17 she had already worked with the best photographers Models and Brands in the country.

She believes in accentuating the beautiful features on the face. Her experience in photography made her conscious about the light, how it reflects on your skin, what angles to enhance transforming the skin, making it glowy and fresh. from your wedding day to the campaign of your brand she is the expert you’ll want to have by your side

The face is her canvas, and makeup is her passion.